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That’s why our chicken is delivered daily and cooked to order.

Chicken Shack knows that doing things the easy way is not always our way.

This organization assists all cancer patients going through chemotherapy and is a local organization.

The Acadia Parish Schools have agreed to send fliers home with every child to help us not only sell the pink t-shirt but our poster t-shirt as well.

Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin National Historic Site is administered by Parks Canada and operated by the Alpine Club of Canada.

Located in Labrador, the glacially-rounded, bare rock summits of the Mealy Mountains reach up to 1180 meters to overlook Lake Melville.

This action had far-reaching consequences, but not all Acadians were deported, and a significant number that survived the relocation process returned to what is now New Brunswick.

Redefining college band style, the SU band�s success is measured by excitement of its vast and diverse audiences.

Because our kitchen is right in front, you can follow your food to your table.