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14-Nov-2017 21:47

ABC declined to comment on exactly how many men and women auditioned.

“Bachelor” hopefuls spent an average of an hour filling out a six-page questionnaire before sitting down in front of producers for a five-minute video interview, which some said gave them first date vibes.

You deserve to share our city with someone truly special.

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Bhachu and nearly 100 other women were spotted entering the annual casting call decked out in standard "Bachelor"-appropriate attire -- 5-inch heels, wedges, false lashes, long curls and low-cut, hip-hugging dresses. “They’re all dressed as if they’re ready to kill,” said Rose Spiegel, 26, an Upper West Side native who showed up in sneakers and ripped jeans, hoping the casual look would help her stand out in what another hopeful called a "sea of blonde bimbos." While the 2016 casting call resulted in a three-hour line stretching down 66th Street, Thursday’s event appeared to have a much smaller turnout, as scattered showers brought the ladies to an indoor waiting room instead.

Was it the weather, or the fresh sting of scandal still tied to the franchise after last month's "allegations of misconduct" that led to an apparent decline in attendees?

Deep in America’s Heartland, Oklahoma City is an exciting mix of cowboy culture, Native American ancestry, and urban innovation.

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